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Ryan Kelley


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So my girlfriend has decided to not do my locs any further... so anyone around louisville want to help?

By: Ryan Kelley
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I started with TnR on the bottom. Havent worked to the top. The Title says it all.

Joseph Cornally
05/29/13 09:26:56AM @joseph-cornally:

hey bro soon as you start washing they are going to fall right out so best bet is just to start over and let it be

the Barrellady
05/29/13 01:26:08AM @the-barrellady:

If you want to still T&R your hair, it is possible to do it yourself, I did and many others on here have also.
So what I did was clamp up my hair and only left a few sections down at a time. But, I should start out by saying that I let my hair section naturally first. If you have any sections larger than 1 inch where it meets the scalp, best to divide those. Use a hand mirror and look at the back, if the sizes look good, then great. Sit on the floor with a big mirror. Grab the section you want to do and start from the top of it, don't go tight to the scalp. So go Twist Rip Rip Rip Rip Twist Rip rip Rip, Twist Rip Rip Rip Rip Twist Rip ......this way you will not get a braided look. Don't do them too tight, they need to loosen to dread properly. Start with the lowest sections first, then when they are done, release some more from the clip and do the next ones. You may need to use more than one clip to hold the other sections out of the way while you do it. I found that closing my eyes as I T&R'd helped, it let my fingers be my eyes. After the first 2 or 3, you will really get the hang of it and be able to do them quicker, honest. So give it a try yourself, it really is easy once you get going.....Peace

Baba Fats
05/28/13 09:46:57PM @baba-fats:

As long as you don't brush, locks form. There's no reason to have someone start the for you. If you want them TnR'd the bottom and back are the hardest parts. And since that's out of the way, you can easily finish them yourself

Ryan Kelley
05/28/13 08:08:02PM @ryan-kelley:

haha, well thanks anyway!

Ryan Kelley
05/28/13 07:01:15PM @ryan-kelley:

yes, louisville, ky

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/28/13 06:38:38PM @soaring-eagle:

just let it dread naturaly u never had to tnr at all

05/28/13 06:16:03PM @kelly3:

You dont need anyone to help. Just let them grow.

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