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Ryan Kelley


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I started with TnR on the bottom. Havent worked to the top. The Title says it all.

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Just started dreading.

By Ryan Kelley, 2013-05-28

This is my first post on here, and i've looked all over this site for which way should chose to start dreading.

i've chosen TnR then to move to neglect.

Now, my girlfriend has been working on the back of my head, and im slighty worried that my dreads are too thin. The sections she is taking are the 1" by 1" sections, but the Tnr Leaves my hair sections looking almost pencil then it seems. Yes this is just the back of my head so far, 2nd layer and still a bit of baby hairs. But should these be thicker than they are, or will in a couple of days when they loosen up will they look better?

I dont have pictures at this moment, but i will post some soon. Until then, is there any advice on this situation?

Thank You.


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