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why reggae? why rasta?

user image 2010-03-12
By: RootzValley
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I have been raised up by a musician father. From the moment on that I had my first grip of a drumstick, I knew in my heart that I belong to a certain group where drumming is an integral part of existence. I've been playing different kinds of music but I have grown up to love reggae music for the profoundness of its lyrics, its rhythm, vocalization and its skanky style.

The lyrics may vary from a never ending love story, blatant socio-politcal issues, marijuana legalization
and decriminalization, of course, but what caught my ears most is the spiritual message that lies within that reggae beat. This is where I started to question my faith and as to what lies behind those spiritual realms. I started to dig in deep and overstand how and what reggae music all means, and for that, I am being led to research on its roots. Reggae and Rasta Belief goes well together. With every positive vibrations that I hear through that kind of music, I have come to overstand and accept that Rasta is not about a religion nor it is a religion but it is a Way of Life. A simple kind of life where equality is essential, wombmen's and childrens rights are important and most of all, the love of nature and the love of Jah dwells well together.

I am in so much love and joy to express how I trully feel on the way my life is leading me. Thanks to Jah the most High for enlighten up my mind and my life! Bless InI Irie Highs! :)

03/29/10 05:34:43AM @rootzvalley:
u too Island mamma. nuff respect! namaste'

Island Mamma
03/23/10 08:50:02PM @island-mamma:
Blessings :)

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