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dreadlocks shampoo
Roisin Cunningham


Location: plymouth
Country: GB


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Photo uploaded on April 3, 2014
Photo uploaded on April 3, 2014


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/03/14 01:14:44PM @soaring-eagle:

u must be on mobile the pics didnt upload right u might want to try the new site

for crochetted dreads yours certainly dont look too bad ..almost natural tho i can see some signs of damage and slight stiffness but not as bad as id expect for 8 years of abuse (sorry if that word makes u feel bad) ..if u stop i dont think u will see much diference ecept they will slowly get less stiff more confy

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/03/14 12:11:27PM @soaring-eagle:

leave em alone they should have loose hairs covering the scalp too tight roots causes traction alopecia and balding

the roots ..and dreads take care of themselves all they need is washing and separating..thats it

it takes extreme harm to cause a dread to break a 1 inch thick dread should support over 1000 pounds..up to a ton

crochet has weakened dreads to the point of breaking with a light tig..or by duving in a pool and the watyer impact breaking them..or even coming off in the shower..thats extreme damage yours after 8 years if u were sensdible still might not breakl with 100 pounds ..but they have been weakened alot

dreads are at thier strongest and healthiest when left alone..just washed and seperated.. any manual agressive manipulation ..palm rolling root rubbing etc has a damage toll but the perforating with a hook causes some of the most severe harm..only felting needles are worse

these are mine..never done a thing to them..ever

Roisin Cunningham
04/03/14 11:41:06AM @roisin-cunningham:
Thanks for your comments guys. Ill look into alternative methods. Ive used the hook for 5 years and havent had any problems/ snapping of dreads etc. Can you recomend a healthier method to manage loose hairs, as I prefer a tidier roots

Baba Fats
04/03/14 09:45:15AM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Those loose hairs actually need to be loose. As your hair grows out, new loose hairs pop up. The ones that are already around are what tangles with the new ones, pulling them into a lock, or forming a new lock of their own. If you artificially pull them in, all it does is over tightens the roots, and causes balding. If you aren't messing with your roots, and only messing with the body of the lock, then crocheting does just as severe damage. No matter how "gently" you pull, tons of hairs are ripped in half with every pass of the hook. This causes more loose hairs, and weakening of the body of your locks. Over time, they can and do become weak enough that even slight tugs can snap a lock in half. If you don't do it often, this may be a ways down the line. But it will happen eventually

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/02/14 04:14:40PM @soaring-eagle:

clock photos then add or add to a discussuion using the photo button on the toolbar it really isnt a good idea to use the hook at all loose hairs pull in on thier own and the hook only creates more broken loose hairs

Roisin Cunningham
04/02/14 03:27:27PM @roisin-cunningham:
I use the hooks lightly and only to pull loose hairs into place. Im quite confident in this process as it allows the dreads to breath. Thankyou for your concern. Do you know how to post pics on here?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/02/14 03:19:29PM @soaring-eagle:

crochet hooks cause extreme damage eventualy severe weakness it makes dreads stiff and scratchy (from all the broken hairs) and causes the problems (loose hairs) your trying to fix..u become a slave to the hook if u keep using it

and 1 single use to start delays dreading by 6 months on average if done tightly

if you still use it i recomend you stop emediately

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/02/14 03:16:22PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but gotta warn u the hooks are extremely bad for dreads

read up on here and look through the crochet recovery sections

Mitchell tipton
09/21/14 08:42:06AM @mitchell-tipton:

I hope you don't mind me saying.. But.. Wow, you're cute! :D It's hard to believe anyone could ever bully you! >:O.. mean people lol.. It's cool to hear you stopped crocheting your locks. That should help them to be nice and happy!.. :D hehe. Rat tattoos? That sounds pretty sweet! :D I have two rats right now; they are great.. And cute! :D They can be pretty funny too. I love animals! :D

Mitchell tipton
09/20/14 08:27:32PM @mitchell-tipton:

ah dang. Blue is such a great color though. :P stupid haters ;).. Lol.. Well hey, your name is similar to the person I know lol.. Only thing is, her name is Rayley. :P I realized on your "how long have you been dreading" thing, it says 5 months before restarting.. Was that before this set, or did you just restart again recently? (I'm guessing it was your last set.. But I got kinda confused lol) anyways, wishing you much love, peace, health and wealth! :D

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