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Natural Dreadlock Problems!!!

By: Ricky Aka Ricky
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So i've been dreading for about two or three months hair is about 6 inches, and I have not gotten any results at all! Like literally nothing. Maybe 5 or 6 dreads the size of a needle...But like damn, It's really really discouraging. I was talking to some people on youtube, and they were completely negative towards me. Saying that only black peoples hair will naturally dread and i need to quit trying. I could get dreads with palm rolling or twist & rip...but I don't want that! this is a journey to me, and I want to make it all the way, but it's so so discouraging to see little to no progression :(I wash two times a week usually...using dr bronners. I sea salt it occasionally but not too often...It's really really starting to get to me guys. I know it's all about patience, but ive been wanting dreads since my hair was short, and now it's finally 6 inches lol. A year later!
02/26/12 02:44:24AM @elkeinalaska:
That'd be a messy way to die, not a good way. I never said I was without a helmet, altho I suppose with only 6" of hair you'd have to be San helmet. Then again, skiing, skating, sledding, biking, boarding...all great ways to do yourself in without a helmet. I know a lot of bikers that feel more at risk with a helmet than without. That's another thread I suppose. But my hair did dread flying in the wind, that's a fact.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/25/12 11:18:46PM @soaring-eagle:

riding without a helmets a good way tio die dong=t do that

but your only 2-3 months in! you said u got 5 or 6 dreads even tiny ontes thats not that bad really

its average completely

35% dread in the 3-4 month rand-=ge

be patient

try something other then bronners try the bakingsoda c]and watch not only whast u wah with but how u wash..and dry

rubbing will rub away knots

bakimg soda is a no touch method so no unknotting
02/25/12 01:31:08PM @elkeinalaska:
Oh hey....just a thought lol before allowing my hair to dread, a ride on our motorcycle with my hair hanging loose caused rapid dreading lol Might be a fun option? :D
02/25/12 01:29:34PM @elkeinalaska:
I grew my hair out 5 years before dreading. It's just time :) j/k lol but seriously, I'd trade out the dr bronnersit often leaves a residue. Use the baking soda wash, go lightly if at all on the acv part.

Nathan Hammond
02/25/12 11:27:22AM @nathan-hammond:

All hair will dread naturally on its own there's alot of negative attitudes about natural dreads out there because people do not understand this. I would recommend a few things wearing a wool tam especially while sleeping it will create friction and cause your hair to knot up faster and also prevent you from playing with it or messing with it while you sleep. If your going to use Dr. Bronners make sure you are dilluting it 12-1. Try the baking soda and apple cider vinegar rinse with essential oils if your not already doing it. Also make sure you are not running your finger through your hair when you wash it scrubbing with your palm gently or massaging with fingertips. Try these shampoos they are organic and vegan and are amazing and smell awesome They also make an organic locking up gel which works great and is residue free. For more info click on Dreaducation on the top.

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