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Richard Ahern


Location: Gansevoort, NY
Zipcode: 12831
Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/29/11 03:24:13AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome dude wax is evil your gonna want to start over

Nadya Papusa
06/03/11 03:11:43AM @ashley6:
Dreads are still looking amazing!!

dawit morales
02/21/11 05:56:55PM @isaac-b:
hey! its good to hear from you, yeah theyre getting there thats for sure, my hair is just so long its taking awhile. congrats on 6 years =) i hope everything is well with you, stay in touch!! nemaste.

dawit morales
02/15/10 12:29:51AM @isaac-b:
yeah i have noticed the back is wayyyy ahead but its all good. the front is starting a little now. but letting them grow naturally is so worth it! hope all is wonderful your way my kind friend!

Tinashe Lennon
02/01/10 09:16:14PM @pyrobud:
The mushrooms take you higher.

Marlon Moorer
01/06/10 05:39:27PM @elizabeth-mae-richter:
Hola <3 I was really excited to find someone near where i live :) i hope your holidays were really nice :) mine were, i was in new orleans just on a vacation :)peace <3

Teresa Vellucci Bonlak
12/10/09 06:36:30PM @mikiboheme:
cool hey i see you have some poyete sleeves in your dreads in that one pic.. ive made some myself. takes a few hours tho and your fumbling with fishing wire and tiny beads!..):

Troy FootsoulJah Leavy
11/27/09 12:22:17PM @bastien-daoust-beaudin:
I've taken the liberty of adding you as a featured member, hope you dont mind. I can remove it if you want My Brother, namaste'

dawit morales
11/06/09 02:01:31AM @isaac-b:
hey well look on the bright side, at least you will have the training over with and its something to look forward to in the future, thats a sweet job if you ask me. and i knowwwww doller treee is screwin me but its alright i only have like a week or two left there =P. thank you for the tattoo comment.... again hahahha. it took a very long time to have done and was very painful! but it was well worth it i lovee it too. heehe. where is a picture of your dred tattoo you speak of? i have yet to see it!

dawit morales
11/04/09 01:36:42PM @isaac-b:
oooooh that sounds like a pretty awesomely full filled birthday if you ask me! i dont eveen think ive had a birthday that sweeet before!! hahah and wow you got a job too? doing light shows?!!? thats whats up entirely. my job actually cut my hours horribly and it sucks. i told them i was moving back to oklahoma yanno, giving them a notice so they wont be short handed, trying to help them out and they just screwed me over in the process. i guess it just doesnt work like that. blah. whatever though im not stressin it. man it's lame you live so far away from me, i wish we could hang out. =/have wonderful day! it's a beautiful one here =)

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