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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/12/11 10:22:32PM @soaring-eagle:

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/12/11 10:22:13PM @soaring-eagle:
welcome ogh yikes throw the comv=b away never rebackcomb even if thry fall apart your iundoing progress and sheeaduing your hair u only backcomb 1 time ever never gain under ant-=y circumstances if they fall apae=rt just wait and they dreadthis is why neglect is the best way no harm only progress leave em alone let em dreadu shouldnt even own a comb anymoretrash it now

01/30/11 04:57:54PM @angela-fowler:

Shayla Rietveld
01/30/11 12:56:34PM @les:
Hey the bleep sound is the chat room, if you go to it and mute the volume you wont hear it anymore.

Ariana Martinez
11/29/10 05:10:00PM @harrison-dodrow:
Just started reading your blog and am so inspired! I'm not on this site much anymore cause I often get strong vibes of negativity, but am so glad i checked it out today to see your blog posted! I am reading it from the beginning, and as a young college student who is not so happy with where she is, I wanna save up money and buy a bus with my man! Haha... anyways, just thought I'd share the love. Thanks so much!-Jordan

11/18/10 09:07:39PM @pete-holmes:
I moved out of that cabin about 4 weeks ago. We were staying with my boyfriend (Chuck, dreadie guy in my photos) up in Los Alamos.Due to a few things, we had to move back to Maine...where I am from..Ahh, now, there's the story on that.I find it amazing that you had a hard labor with the first, which ended in a c-section. The same with Aashkii...My water broke at my place in Santa Fe, We went up there, I had no pain....Sooo...I tried lots of homeopathic remedies with the girls at the Ctr, my water had been broken for about 24 hours, and I was not dilating, so unfortunately we went across the street to the Taos Hospital. I tried 7 more hours over there with nasty pitocin, still only made it to 3 1/2 cm:( there went the damn Csection, but you know, everyones healthy.When we were preggers with River, Aashkii was onluy 10-11 months, which resulted in a scheduled Csection! Bummer!!I cant wait to have the third.I know how you feel when you have a presence of a spirit, and hoping it will wait, but in all magic, he will come when he wants :)

11/18/10 09:07:34PM @pete-holmes:
Sorry it has taken me a week or two to get back :) I come read some, then get sidetracked, while conversations such as this do take precious time :)So the pronunciation of Aashkii's name is almost as it is spelled... kind of sounds 'ush-key'.. Often times, people have had difficulties getting used to it, we knew a lady who watched my children for me sometimes, and she never got it, so she just called him "brother" all the time hehe...Because that is what River calls him.I was actually not living in Taos...I spent some time up there, especially in the year of 2006, due to all of the appts at the Northern NM Midwifery Ctr. Those still were some of the most memorable times. I loved driving up there for an appt, when there was crazy snow falling. It was beautiful to me. Their dad just wanted to drive, otherwise, Id re-schedule :)I was living in Santa Fe a lot of my time in NM, however, there were a few consecutive years where I hadn't missed a Feast Day.On a Sunny beautiful day, we would drive up there just for the heck of it.The past 6-7 months, we were living in a small cabin in Tesuque, across the freeway from the Pueblo. I adored that area, the cabin was cool at first, but it had alot wrong with it. I loved the yard, and all the kind people on the same property. We were great to eachother.

Faye Ktajjar
11/13/10 12:09:39AM @george-lane:
Thanks for the kind words :-) Have a great day!

11/08/10 11:27:14PM @pete-holmes:
I love the story about your children. I dont find it alarming with changing your daughters name after a day or so, We hadnt even named Aashkii a little more than a week, I think it was. We were tossing the name Cheii, which means Grandfather on the mother's side...and his dad almost stuck with it, until he realized (being very traditional) that his dad wouldnt like to call his grandson, grandfather.So we stuck with Aashkii.He was blessed on the river going down from Taos, when his dad sang prayers in his language, close to 60-70 BlueBirds surrounded them, it was quite amazing. Some flyfishers near us packed up and left as soon as he started to pray, im sure they were feeling like "intruders" or something :)When we planned to have another, it was shortly after my first cycle since the birth of our first, we were cool with 2 or so years apart, but of course, it happened right then...So Aashkii was only 10 months or so.It was a shocker for my family in maine more than anything. But, with us, we were happy,. Aashkii quit nursing on me right then, I think it was a week or two before we found out.So he knew before us.Yes, Emotionally, it was a bit different, but It was not hard. At times, it was difficult juggling the two, but having River in a Cradleboard was great, it was like a helping hand..Hed sleep leaned against a tree for example.Beautiful.I can't believe you birthed your last child alone...what happened there?Was it something you wanted? Or did she just kinda "pop out" as soon as you went into labor? Was daddy with you?That is AMAZING TO ME.

11/07/10 08:34:23AM @pete-holmes:
Amazing. I used to rent a Historic Adobe in Santa Fe near the plaza. the walls were the real thing, u know, about 1 1/2 ft thick? yeah it was amazing. it kept cool in the summer, warm in the winter...Nicola with an 'H' ? NICE. It is actually my last name, but being an artist, lots of people know me by Nicola.,,.sometimes referring to me as that instead of chelsea.I like your middle daughter..hehehMy two boys are 18 months apart. The older one is named Aashkii (boy) in navajo., he will be 4 in Feb. The other is River, he turned two in Aug this summer. I named him River because i missed the Penobscot River in Maine so badly. Nostalgia for water hehhe.I went to the Taos Midwifery Center.I can't believe the winters youve explained. that is intense! I love it.Were you at the Yonder/mule show up there? it was beautiful.Chuck and I went...

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