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dreadlocks shampoo
Rebecca Woods


Location: Valparaiso, IN
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Dreadlock site's Wax B Gone!! <3 <3

By Rebecca Woods, 2012-09-07

Wowza so about a week ago I ordered my wax b gone stuff from here, and i received it yesterday! It cam with a handwritten note a sample rosemary green tea shampoo, and a sample of the lock magic gel <3 I spent 2 and 1/2 hours applying wax b gone massaging it roughly into each dread, (i say roughly because I was a user of the infamous BEESWAX, and not just a couple times more like at least 15 times i used it,) but yeah so i got a goop of it for each one and it started to foam up and it felt and smelt so good on my dreads! After i was done with them all I took a shower and thoroughly washed it all out and then used the sample shampoo I was given which smells magical! lol it didn't smell like green tea and rosemary but it smelt better! Like nagchampa incense! mmm my hair still smells magical the next day <3 My dreads feel alottt better now, granted I know I will have to do it another time, maybe even 2 more times on some of my larger ones but I still have plenty of the wax b gone stuff. I only used like a quarter of the jar and it got all of my dreads thoroughly coated, a little goes a long way. Also the jar in general was much larger than expected, I must say the 15 bucks i spent (because of shipping taxes) was WELL WORTH IT and recommend this product to any one with wax problems! <3 I wish I had a camera that would work right now otherwise i would've documented the whole process for others to see.

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Aloe Vera

By Rebecca Woods, 2012-06-02

100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel for my dreads, would love to hear experiences with it on dreads, pros? cons? Gimme what ya got people :) Thanks for your time :)

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