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Harvesting :D


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/06/11 11:20:54PM @soaring-eagle:

haha yup ofcourse its me

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/06/11 08:59:11PM @soaring-eagle:

welcome but gotta warn you crochets an extremely bad thing to do to dreads you should throw away the hook and join the crochet recovery group its extremely destructive

Lora E
08/15/10 01:37:01PM @james-smith:
no problem .. I'm happy I could help :D

Lora E
08/15/10 01:25:21PM @james-smith:
Oooh ok..well then finish that up and then leave them...they'll lock naturally but in the sections you chose :)

Lora E
08/15/10 12:19:41PM @james-smith:
oh, if you haven't started, natural is a great way to go. I though you had already done twist and rip. Once you do the twist and rip you can leave them to grow and mature naturally.

Lora E
08/15/10 12:45:53AM @james-smith:
cool...but u don't really need to twist..just leave them alone and they'll dread :D

Lora E
08/15/10 12:09:54AM @james-smith:
yeah? how did it go?

Lora E
08/14/10 10:44:53PM @james-smith:
Hey!!!lol..what's up??

Lora E
08/12/10 04:06:47PM @james-smith:
Sea salt spray is good for drying out the hair and it tends to lock a little faster. Aloe vera is good for moisturizing and when it dries I think it tightens a little...not sure though..I started with twist and rip and my hair has been locking up much faster than I expected :)

Lora E
08/12/10 03:33:16PM @james-smith:
yeah?? Which are you thinking about??

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