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dreadlocks shampoo


Location: Oklahoma City, OK
Zipcode: 73115
Country: US


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Amazing Grace
06/18/10 08:21:28PM @amazing-grace:
yay!! a gift for you!!!

Amazing Grace
05/07/10 08:46:07PM @amazing-grace:
I got a 72 on my exam. Not great....but better then i figured i would!!! wooo!!! Now just waiting for my final grade.....**fingers crossed**

Amazing Grace
05/03/10 10:04:53AM @amazing-grace:
Hay! If your ready to do some math today just shoot me an e-mail! On my yahoo, i check that more. BUT! I have one lesson that is due today that is like 1/4 done and the rest are allllll due tomorrow. HOORAY! If u dont want to its all good. Just let me know. :) Maybe it would be easier to explain stuff on the phone....and use Doodle to show it....hmmm...i just thought of that.

Amazing Grace
05/01/10 07:56:32AM @amazing-grace:
omg...This morning i had to get up early to take the boyfrriend to he was trying to wake me up an i kept yelling "no i cant! i only gota do one more problem. Just one more math problem" an when i finally got up i didnt remember saying that...I just remember i was dreamig how to square something out of 4 and/or 12 but i dont know what or how. but yeah....I cant wait for this to be over.....

04/28/10 07:23:42PM @emily2:
That's awesome..i actually work at the newspaper in Waynesville!

Brady Langer
04/27/10 02:42:13PM @brady-langer:
Thanks for the greeting :)

04/24/10 10:16:55AM @emily2:
Wow it really is a small world!! This is certainly a small town, so he could live really near by!

Lonnie Berg
04/23/10 12:08:16PM @lonnie-berg:
Love the new pic, sooooooo pretty

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/23/10 12:34:47AM @soaring-eagle:
were happy to have you :)warning some people stay here all day be sure to take nap breaks ant time out to eat..heheits tru tho some people stay here all day long it just gets to be like home

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/22/10 11:45:14PM @soaring-eagle:
welciome sister wow u got amazing hair for dreading

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