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Stop being a Sun Worshipper,

Kare T
03/31/11 08:07:19PM

Solomon says...

"Ah" he said " Iweep for myself. God has neglected us and has taken our lady away. And now I know the reason.." For our priests love the words of fables more than the words of scriptures. they love the sound of the hard more than the music of the psalter. THey love the service more than the prayer. They love the world more than god. And the love food more than fasting to god. They love sleeping more than praising, they love dozing more watching. They wish to gaze upon the facce of their loved one more the the face of their god who LOVES THEM.

we have loved the world of a fool more than the wisdom of a prophet.we were given glory and we threw it away.

this was a time when ppl worshipped the SUN, but solomon was wise to know everything was JAH and freed his ppl by showing them the TRUE YAH

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