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Wet dreads

By ramblingrum, 2013-09-04
My hair dries very slowly. I generally try to let it air dry but it can take hours! I sometimes blow dry on low (using a diffuser), I know it can dry out your scalp a bit but I've had no problems. Any one else have to blow dry or have input on this problem?
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By ramblingrum, 2012-10-17
I'm sitting in the airport, awaiting my plane to carry me home. As I'm leaving the beautiful Puerto Rico, I must reflect on my time there. As I hooped on the beach, dancing my praise to the moon pulling in the waves and the earth giving land beneath my feet, I felt my breath becoming a part of the waves. Following the pattern and joining in oneness, the eb and flow of the ocean. It was one of the most beautiful moments relaxation I have ever felt. True peace. And as I looked up on the shore, there were trees whose branches hung low, twisted together forming there own majestic dreads.
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