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Haven't been here awhile + sth that's freakin me out. :D

By: Rainbow Fortune
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So, The reason I haven't been on or posted anything in awhile is that not much has happened. Namely, it was 5 months of natural dreading on Jan. 11. for me, and I only have one natural dread that's now getting kinky. I tn'r-ed a couple, just to see if they would progress faster or slower than the natural one, but they seem to be doing just about the same.

This is just me telling you about my hair. I am not getting impatient, in fact, I like the phase I'm in. My hair is separated and kinda kinky, with knots everywhere (I find them occasionally, eg. when I get stuck in trees, on Christmas decorations, and when I move my hand rapidly, and my big ring pulls my hair. :D ), it just does not seem to be doing any real dreading yet.

My mother is convinced it will never dread, and one of my closest friends thinks that, since nthing has actually happened yet, it will all happen overnight for me.

It gets really funny sometimes, when I try to explain dreads to my mom's friends. They don't get it until I tell them I'll look like a Puli dog. :D

And the thing that's freakin' me out is... Well, when I use this site on my computer (I'm on my mom's laptop ATM), there is no music. But here, some tribal music (drumming) is played every few seconds, fr a few seconds. Is that coming from this site, or is this laptop screwed up? Or maybe I'm just going crazy... :D

So, that's it.I know this is just random stuff. The reason I wrote all of this is that I went to a funeral today, and did not feel like hangin' out with people tonight. And even though this was not the first funeral I attended, it sure was a wake up call. I realized I want to do and change so much before I go, so I decided to reconnect with this site, since it is a community I want to be an active part of, and I also would love to find/create a community like this right here where I live, one that's filled with love, hope, support...

Aaaaand... Cut! :D

P.S. I can't find blog categories here, so if it needs be placed somewhere, please tell me how to do it, or place it somewhere for me, oh, you people who run this site. :D

Tied up in knots
01/31/12 12:07:10AM @tied-up-in-knots:
I don't know if you figured out the tribal sounds or not but I think its the chat function. It comes on every time someone types a message.

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