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Rafael Rodriguez


Location: Bronx, NY
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My attempt at styling my locs

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Rafael Rodriguez
05/28/14 08:00:03PM @rafael-rodriguez:

Thanks, I told her about the alcohol and she was using ACV. She told me her hair is fine and her daugther head is free of the eggs and lice now after detailed picking.

05/28/14 07:56:10PM @dreadedhyena:

Hey, I read earlier in the chat...your friend has a lice problem?

Ok, I did too...DID. I got rid of these little invasive bastards in a matter of days.

First off tea tree oil is bad ass against them. They hate it.

What I did was soak my hair with rubbing alcohol. I mean soaked. Then I took a small sized wash rag and soaked it, sat it on top of my head. Pile all tha hair up on top of the head and stick a plastic grocery sack or something over all ya hair to seal the fumes in. Make sure it's air tight.

It's going to burn, and feel very bad...but its bearable realizing with every burn you feel...those lice are having their breathing apparatus burnt out. This takes a few treatments. I did it once every 3 days, for 9 days. 12 days (4 treatments) wouldn't be bad either...if you wanna be damn sure. So I did three treatments. After each treatment rinse with cool water, then I'd wash with a real mild ACV/BS rinse with tea tree, lavender, and patchouli. The patchouli really helped sooth the scalp. At night I would sprinkle tea tree oil on my hair. Make sure to change pillow cases every night during this process. The whole thing will simply wreck the scalp, but it's easily recoverable afterwards. There is argument about how long you should leave the alcohol and bag on ya head, well...I did it for an hour each time, and it worked.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

I wish ya'll luck!

Oh yeah, the nits...the eggs. The stay stuck on the hair long after the lice are completely dead. It looks funky, but it's no threat. EVENTUALLY they will disappear. Eventually. Concentrated Apple Cider Vinegar soaks/rinse will speed this process up noticeably.

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