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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/26/13 12:47:29AM @soaring-eagle:

welcome the right person is you the right method is natural if not natural then tnr but u must do it yourself do not let ahyone else tiuch u especialy avoid anyone calling themseves a pro run run away sprinking holy water ion them

they may not be evil people but what they do to dreads sure is

03/25/13 10:45:10PM @jazzymomma:

WELCOME TO DREADLOCKSSITE peace an luv be with u along the way:D

03/25/13 10:42:42PM @jazzymomma:

so yea go natural i have naturally curl thick course hair that used to need brushing like 3 or 4 times a day to look half ok lol and have to fight the knots out every morn wen i woke lol check out my locs only 7m old getting really tight and hardly no loose hair now goodluck hope u decide to stick around here :D great community an real facts an friends :D:D peace an love

the Barrellady
03/25/13 10:35:01PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the community RAE. Save your money and don't pay a salon, instead use it to order awesome dreadlock shampoo and the Himalayan Sea Salt Spray. The sea salt spray will lock you hair so much faster. Coarse & curly hair usually dreads so much faster than straight hair. There are some pics on this site from other members journeys and you can see how fast their curly hair naturally dreaded.

You came the the right site to get all your healthy dreadie info. Do lots of research, read the dreaducation pages and ask any questions. This will get you off to the best start. With you type of hair, you will have sic dreads in 1 year.


Baba Fats
03/25/13 10:03:16PM @baba-fats:

Welcome. Ok, just to get it out of the way, with coarse hair, why not go the natural way? Your hair will probably lock up super fast. Plus it's the healthiest.

Ok, now I know that not everyone is ready for the natural method. So in that case, what is making you lean towards back combing instead of TnR? with either method, you will see untangling before you see any mature locks. When you wash them, both methods will come undone first. I'm not trying to convince you one way or the other, but I am just wondering why you're leaning towards back combing instead

Tyler R. Thompson
08/02/13 02:45:36PM @tyler-r-thompson:

Thanks for the Friend :)

Gabriel Audet-Bourgault
07/16/13 01:45:45PM @tyler-chidester:

Yes Joshua, the baking soda wash will exfoliate the scalp and help get rid of all the dead skin. It may take a few times, but then it will be gone. Always follow it with the ACV rinse unless you have a very oily scalp, as BS alone can dry out the hair and scalp, the ACV balances back the natural PH levels. To help combat dandruff, finish off with a cold head rinse each and every time. Do you need the ratios?

Here is a posting by Soaring Eagle to learn what different essential oils can do for you:


06/28/13 10:04:04PM @darkstar:

Welcome. We've got an Asian dreadlocks group on here that has a pretty decentFilipinopopulation. You might be interested in that

Keila Bean
04/09/13 12:26:01PM @keila-bean:

Heey Joshua! :D Thanks for the request, and welcome to the community! Glad to know that you are already nearly a month in your natural dreadlocks journey. Always take care of yourself, and may the Heavens Bless you. Happy Dreading! Much love, xoxox.

04/06/13 09:44:14PM @darkstar:


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