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At the very begining of my journey, and need some guidance.

user image 2012-08-09
By: Rabbit
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Hello everyone - I am new to the site!

I started my dreadlock journey the last weekend of June. I sectioned all of my hair into 1 inch sections or so, back combed them, and just let them go naturally after that. I do rip them occasionally, however, so they don't fuse together.

My only problem is, I sometimes feel like they are too thin, and that they will not get larger. I am a blonde, and my hair is naturally pretty thin and fine, and it was only about shoulder length when I started my dreading process.

People keep telling me to be patient, that they will keep locking and get larger.. but I wonder if I should combine some of them to make them larger... am I worrying for nothing?

Your advice and guidance would be much appreciated!

x0x0 ~ NAMASTE ~ <3

08/09/12 06:16:35PM @amanda11:

i started by backcombing as well and just let them be after that. i'm a year in, and my locks have gotten much thicker than they were originally. patience really is key. let them do what they want. backcombing causes so much damage, and combining them would hurt them further. SE is right. i think you should just let them grow and mature a bit. if they combine, then so be it :) different sizes add variety and personal flair. just like congos do :) i wish you lots of luck :)

08/09/12 05:03:27PM @hippyfish:

Mine are the same way, I did mine TnR and have some super tiny ones, less than pencil thin. But from past experience, they do get bigger n thicker. I also have really thin blonde hair and one of the reasons I enjoy my dreads are because of how much hair I would lose daily, but keep in mind all of those hairs you would normally lose are getting snatched up by the dreads, so your hair will be almost twice as thick as what you start with.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/09/12 04:45:00PM @soaring-eagle:

they shrink and thicken as they mature

just be glad u never crocheted or theyd be way thinner permenantly

08/09/12 03:19:50PM @rabbit:

thanks for the advice! it has been very helpful. I will just let them be :)

I assume as they get longer, they will look more full as well. They are very short right now with thin wispy tails, thats probably why they look so thin to me.


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/09/12 01:48:29PM @soaring-eagle:

if theres not enough there and u combine them that makes fewer dreads so even less there

dreads shouldnt be all the same sizes they shoulfd blend and fill in yio9u should have a few thick for volume and plenty of thin fir fuklness

these are mine

at this time i hads only 2 or 3 near an inch

1 was as tiny as the letter l on your screen antd that was 3 combined

most were pencil sized or less

but all were al diferent sizes as dread should be

let em be they will be fine and its way too early to even thi8nk about letting them combine

08/09/12 01:25:27PM @rabbit:

Not all of them are 1 inch sections, some are smaller. Some look okay, but some are TINY. Would combining two of the tiny ones be alright? I dont want my dreads to look un-full or look like there aren't enough there.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/09/12 12:12:58PM @soaring-eagle:

1 inch is the largest u ever want em if 2 congo they will be as big as your wrist and take days to dry

they absolutely do thicken and combining them before they do would be a big mistake cause then later they will be huge way thicker then u ever want them

08/09/12 11:55:04AM @kelly3:

Just had a look at your dreads, and they don't seem super thin to me. Congos are still cool..

08/09/12 11:52:59AM @kelly3:

It depends on how thin they are. Since they were backcombed they will be weaker than naturally formed dreads, due to the damagecausedby backcombing. I have heard of really thin dreads breaking, so letting some grow together might not be the worst idea. Plus, congos look pretty damn cool.

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