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I spoken Blog/ I'm My Own Proxy

By: Qube Goodie
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Greetings and Salutations Earthlings, As i embark catharsis upon a plethora of overzealous, self-absorbed, rudimentary beings, I levitate and ponder...

Blessed with divine dexterity, I wonder.... it seems as if my numerator is greater than my denominator I feel improper, distributive properties, wooly crown, tattooed skin, precious copper, whats the problem?

I attempt to process qualities of a Maverick Emeritus, prudent and elated; however the synopsis grants thee vexed, due to my inept, novice, obtuse complacency.

I drift, scripts flipped, hence gifted philanthropist, facts opinions, and myths stated soothsaying.

I seek I study the tangibles, the noble, intuitive, uncanny ethos of life, Innovative! Concurring challenging endeavors with clarity.

My lucid thoughts bring forth an alleged coherency frivolously, I gallivant through my very own left and right cerebellum: my reward you ask? Supreme existence I wish to transcend, a profound prodigy flourishing thru and through,

I'm My Own Proxy!

Quintin "Qube Goodie" Burnett

Trina Sandress
05/02/12 08:42:29PM @trina-sandress:

Your writing is quite beautiful. It feels me with joy and I feel a confirmation within my being when I read your thoughtful words.

Warm Regards,


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