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Puff Rugged


Location: Statesville, NC
Zipcode: 28625
Country: US


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Halo Head


09/29/11 04:09:18AM @ashr:

Yo :) Yeah, sunny Cape Town. It's spring here now, so not piping hot yet, but we're gonna be frying again soon ;p

Cheers m8

09/27/11 12:06:56PM @exalthimx7:

Welcome Puff/Chris']

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/26/11 12:24:01PM @soaring-eagle:

Denny D
10/05/10 08:34:07AM @michael-cuevas:
thanks for the friend request Daphne..... One Love!

Hans Miniar Jónsson
07/16/10 04:33:08PM @sandra-moreno:
thanks :)

Adrian Keenan
07/14/10 12:35:43PM @fanci-taylor:
I do! good luck!you'll be like a guru with your patience once they' ve locked up ;D haha

Adrian Keenan
07/14/10 12:03:37AM @fanci-taylor:
thank you =] and I agree, in the long run, you'll feel so much more connected to them and yourself =D

Adrian Keenan
07/13/10 11:11:51PM @fanci-taylor:
I actually did mine tnr. I like them, but I do wish I had gone all natural, just to see how they would have turned out =]

Adrian Keenan
07/11/10 11:45:22PM @fanci-taylor:
are you going all natural? tnr? backcombing? =]

Adrian Keenan
07/11/10 12:54:06PM @fanci-taylor:
OoOoOo =D congrats! that's pretty exciting

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