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2 and 1/2 months ramblings

user image 2013-08-29
By: Puddinbites
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I'm two and a half months in to natural/neglect and my hair is so crazy poofy, super frizzy sections in the front that are still long and short hair that is already dreaded and shrunk to 1/3 (some of it even more) in the back and I <3 <3 <3 it! yeah think I look crazy and weird but it's fun! I hated my first set in square sections with rubberbands constantly retwisting them. I hated how they looked this time I'm at this crazy ass stage and still love myhair more than ever. The whole taking care of my hair routine feels more right then even even with having to separate 2 times a day.

I wish my hair didn't blunt itself and I have some that have those medaillon things (like bigger ends) but it'll be okay. I hope they will go away with time but if not I can cut ends off because I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna let my natural haircolor come back even though I have a good bit of gray. I my natural color will good in dreads and since the sun turns it lighter maybe some dreads will be different shades then others.

Since I've been dreading so so much in my life has changed I started exercising and I'm having so much and I've built up so much stamina then I had. I telll you Billy Blanks about killed me at first but now I can finish the whole tae bo basic workout and still keep exercising. I've done alittle yoga and dediced I want to learn to belly dance lol (if you knew how clumsy and ungraceful I am you'd think it's funny too) It'll be fun and good exercise. I've been find all kinds of great excerise videos on youtube. I've just been living my life how I wanted to. Not planned along with the dreading but my husband I got rid of so many bad people out our lives we didn't know how bad theywere until too late but anyways that it is hard and depressing story to tell about getting robbed, screwed over, etcby family and close friends so I'll just leave it at that. But it's like they were negative energy this whole time things are just looking up more then ever. :)

08/29/13 09:30:11PM @puddinbites:

Thanks :) I'll leave them then, I would had to at least wait years and years anyways because since it shrunk my hair is way too short to cut any length off and by then I'm sure they will look totally different anyways. I think I'm mostly just not liking the medaillains because it's so short but one of main reasons I want dreads so it can get really long. It's like my hair would never grow past like elbow/small of waist length it would just totally break off and thin. I want to at least get hair to the tops of legs once in my life. I hope red ends fade out over time though, I think it is somewhat. I haven't died it since february.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/29/13 08:43:48PM @soaring-eagle:

they sound awesome but dont cut off the ends! they are fine and awesome

i got those too and love em

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