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How to wash very long Dreadlocks

Duration: 00:09:53
In the hot bucket, cut slivers of dreadlock shampoo bar or use the liquid, about a few grams worth, add two small dashes of tea tree oil. Too much oil will m...
01/19/13 05:55:47PM @justsomechick:

I plan on having dreads for life and I have to ask, how heavy are they when dry? do you notice a lot of heaviness or is it just something you adjust to and don't notice? just curious!

these locks are amazing.

10/20/12 12:09:09PM @princenoobsauce:

Thanks! :)

10/20/12 02:40:19AM @zombetho:

Your dreads areabsolutelystunning!

09/27/12 05:53:36PM @sweet:

How often do you do this? And what did you say about washing the scalp, sorry so many questions but i did like the video, i can't help feeling that it would be alot easier for you if you had those buckets on a low table that you could always keep outside, old coffee table or smthing, i was amazed to see how much water your dreads soaked up, i use a roll of toilet paper to dry mine so then all the moisture is really drained out, but you would need heaps of rolls i can sure see that! How long do your dreads take to dry - god they must feel heavy when your just done washing them!! Thank you for taking the time and effort to do this video.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/24/12 11:14:35PM @soaring-eagle:


i just did this loved it but have a feeling woukd work begter with the liquid

i'll have to get more ive been out of that fir awhile

09/24/12 11:09:46PM @princenoobsauce:

me too :) and I only use 1 bucket in there. I did it this way cause I couldnt think of any other way to upload it without it being flagged as inappropriate on youtube lol! these are buckets are from home depot, which i also had to put the camera angle in a way so you cant see the logo :)

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/24/12 04:53:22PM @soaring-eagle:

hmm i always do mine in the shower and only wash the scalp every so often ai rub the bar down the length of em but i will have to try this sometime if i i can find a bucket

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