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I'm back!

By: Pranee RN
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Well now I am four and a half months into my fourth pregnancy and I kinda think this one will be a girl. Three reasons.

1. My face has been breaking out like I'm 14 again and usually my skin is very clear. Didn't happen with any of the boys!

2. I want fruit all the time, I am still tossing my cookies every afternoon and then I want fruit again. So much for morning sickness disappearing for me! I never had it with the boys...

3. Will all three of the boys even before I knew they were boys I had dreams that I had boys all around me. People walking up to me and giving me more boys and opening boxes with little boys in them... you name it they were boys! This time around I have had many dreams where I am walking along and I see girls hiding behind trees. I call out to them not to be shy and they eventually tuck themselves into the folds of my skirt or hide in my hair but I can feel them. Always the same, I can't look directly on them but I can see the mess of hair and the little dresses! So sweet!

I go for another ultrasound on the third of next month I have been hoping for a girl for so long but now that I am pregnant I think having another boy would be Awesome!!! I just don't think it will be.

On a dready side note! I brushed them out :( hormones! But that was a few months ago and I haven't brushed my hair since then. They were so dull looking and just lacked that spark I know they have! So, going all natural no matter how long it takes. Just wash and go! I almost cut my hair but I have a rule not to cut my hair due to hormone changes. So for now it is safe! Lol!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
02/08/11 11:35:29PM @soaring-eagle:

aww congrats and good too see u back

her name is sequoia fern shes shy ..very shy thats why she hasnyt told u her name or shown her face

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