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sweetest of suprises, but less about dreads.

By: Pranee RN
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well, I found out last week that I will be having a baby. This past summer I told my DH that my clock was ticking away like no bodies business! He was once again the voice of reason and convinced me that it wasn't a good time, we already have three boys, the world is going to end in 2012 and so on! lol! So I heard his words and snuggled back into the world of looking forward to my grandchildren some day and praying fervently for the wives my son's will someday find <3September came around and I found my new passion, hula hooping! It was awesome!!!(still is but you know!) I got a huge bruise on my left hip and then had my cycle for three days, it was kinda sandy too. Wierd, maybe stress? I took a test at the end of September (cheepy from Walmart just to be sure) and it was negative. October came and I went to my grandmothers wedding, it was beautiful! I also noticed that I was late. When it did come it was very lite and left promptly. I figured school and life was stressing me out!!!November comes around. I was talking to my gram on a friday, she asked me how I was doing and I paused to formulate an answer. She blurts out " That's a pregnant pause, are you pregnant???" I swore up and down that I wasn't!!! then I looked at the calendar. I decided to wait through the weekend. On Monday morning, I took kids to school and stopped by Walmart for a box of the EPT's. Got home instructed my middle son until he got on his independant studies and ran to the bathroom! first test positive.Waited an hour and a half, second test positive... Waited another hour, rechecked the tests and took the last one, positive! I called my husband from inside the closet and told him "I took three tests, all are positive, don't call or come home till you are happy about it!"He usually comes home at almost 4 pm, this day he ran in the door at 1 pm. I was in the basement I can hear him ask kids "Where's your mother?" then his heavy footsteps coming down the stairs. He ran towards me and held me in his arms.I went to the doctor the next day and then called my grandmother. When I heard her voice I knew something was wrong. We cried together for a while as she told me about her niece who had passed away over the weekend. Her long battle with Diabetes and the kidney she got from her brother. Finally the anti rejection meds had taken their toll. She was found by her best friend asleep in her apartment. My Ree Ree (gramma) has such an amazing faith! She had just returned from the funeral, or as she called it the festival of Anne's life that evening. She said she just knew she had to take my call.I didn't want to bring it up, this little Italian fire ball she got me! She said she needed to hear something else. I told her I was pregnant, she was right! Her gasp was so amazing. "God bless you my sweetest angel Pranee!" I think we cried again! then she quoted, "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away!" I am so happy to know her! My life is blessed in so many ways!!! Once the tears of joy were washed away she stated that she no longer felt up to grieving her loss, only rejoycing over her blessings!Not everyone in the family will feel the same way I am sure. Some have reminded me that I "have options". Every child has a right to live.
01/06/11 12:29:52PM @crunchymama:


We lost my father-in-law when I was pregnant with #4. And my husband and I were separated at the time I got pregnant and I remember my Al-Anon sponsor telling me I had a choice, uh no, I don't think my kids would understand abortion or adoption- this is their sibling. Now our little gap boy is 6. Can't imagine if he didn't exist, how different our lives would be. I'd certainly be missing a few kids, or coping with a blended family, or single parenting. He kept us together and faithful through a very rough time.

So how's it going? I hope you are starting to feel really pregnant, I know it takes time. You are right on the edge of the fun trimester ja?

Shanxon Lemasters
11/21/10 07:05:34PM @shanxon-lemasters:
that's an amazing story and I hate people who tell you you have options (just my opinion) It is very rough losing family members as it's been kind of the same thing in my family, 5 years ago when I was pregnant w/ my son we lost an uncle, I was pregnant w/ my daughter 2 years ago and my uncle who was my big brother passed, my grandmother took it very hard but was excited about the baby to come, now my cousin is preg and we lost my great grandmother, seems the circle of life does continue in odd ways. Congrats again and enjoy it!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
11/18/10 05:03:24PM @soaring-eagle:
congrats it was way too early to be waiting to be a grandma anyway

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