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Location: Spring Valley, NY
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Mia Elizabeth
06/09/11 09:33:41PM @mia-elizabeth:

Hey PowpOwpoW! :) When you get a chance (If you havn't already) check out the extended forums and register, please & thank you!

(Dead URL)>

Peace & love,


Kai Rayne
05/27/11 08:19:46PM @kai-rayne:
Thank you. Yes the loss was sad but I'll have more. I'm taking pics every day now so I can see the changes. :) Glad you joined the site!! :) Have a great day!

05/27/11 06:22:50AM @lunn:
ty for the friend invite bro,ive been called a lot of things in my time but yours was probs one of the nicist comments ive ever had but, plz just call me lunn :)

Prue Dence
05/27/11 03:29:18AM @prue-dence:
it's a bliss and eso song called "the sea is rising". they're an aussie hip hop band but they're poets if you really listen to their music! i just saw them recently and they blew me away!

Summer Santos
05/27/11 12:54:23AM @summer-santos:
Fo sho! XDI never leave home without my little spray bottle, either lol

Summer Santos
05/26/11 10:26:08PM @summer-santos:
I have used different Bronners or organic dread soaps off Etsy... I love all the fun fragrances! I have a dread soapS that smells like jellybean, coconut lime, teetrea. I like the bs acv washes too. If I get the motivation I'm due tonight lol. I like to make a calmomile tea with different oils and soak my hair in it. Smells so good! I mix in essential oils: lemongrass, rosemary, coconut, teatree, almond, lavender ect. I boil the natural chamomile plant on water with the oils for the soaks. I also like to put some in a squirt bottle to mist my dreads Down whenever... If u do it, make sure you strain out all the chamomile so u don't get bits of the plant in your hair :).

Summer Santos
05/26/11 07:39:38PM @summer-santos:
Thx for the request! What kind of aloe are you using?

Trina Sandress
05/26/11 12:11:10AM @trina-sandress:

You can turn the herbal hair rinse into a spray adding a bit of tea tree oil to it as well. Some like to do this and put the spray bottle in the fridge if they have a itchy scalp and need something cool and refreshing.

There is a whole bunch of recipes here too. I would just keep it simple.

Trina Sandress
05/24/11 06:48:41PM @trina-sandress:

Yeah, mine a lot more seperated than hummingbird's!

I think that the main thing I would look out for is them joining together to where they are way big like a big tree branch. In the beginning I just seperated them as the grew in. Now I don't really seperate because they keep themselves seperate.

Maybe in the beginning when they are wet seperate them maybe once a week check them.

I use jojoba oil right after I do my cleanse. You can find jojoba oil at health food stores or on ebay. I got a big bottle on ebay from a seller who also sells other essential oils. I also use tea tree oil in my baking soda and water rinse and my acv rinse. I only use a few drops though because it can be very strong and burn a bit on my scalp.

I also like to make a rosemary/peppermint rinse once a week. I grow my own peppermint and rosemary so I use the fresh herb. I boil a big pot of it until the water turn really dark, let cool and then pour on my dreads.I don't rinse it out. It has been dyeing my dreads naturally too.

If you have any more questions please do feel free to ask.

Warm Regards,


Trina Sandress
05/24/11 06:39:08PM @trina-sandress:
Thanks for the friend request.I hope you enjoy your dreadlock journey! :-]

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