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Pretty damn Happy :)

user image 2013-03-24
By: Poizon Baker
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Well Its been 2 weeks and 5 days since I screwed up my last process of neglect and haven't touched a comb or conditioner sincelolThis time I have disciplined myself good and though I cant throw brushes awaysince my husband has hair down to hisbutt. I've learned tonot touch the fire. lol

It does seem that my hairseparating fairly nicely and sometwists andsmall knotsare forming. I did cheat on3 of them with tnr and did some back combing on some roots that sectioned to hold which is nice. But I am aiming for thinner ones.

But the main thing is I love waking up everyday and seeing what changes my lil friends are doing. including and yes I named themlenny and squiggy from the show"Lavern and Shirley" my 2 strands that refuse to be together but are so amusing to see hanging there in my facelol

It feels so good to just be free and love the mess which make me love me more. For a long time I thought I was to old to let my hairgo free but I couldn't do much with it anyways. My kids are always telling me I'm stuck in the 70s-80s and need to upgradelol

But damn it I'm finally doing something for myself for once and itfeel great! . I don't mind the stares cause I'm weird anyways. cause the mess doesn't define me my heart and mind do.

I even think my ol man is liking the mess, he even offered to separate the back for me. He's sosweet.

I do want to wrap and charmthe ones I did which isn't big but I don't know if its too soon? I'm alsostarting on Biotin tomorrow to help with growth and strengthening since surgeries and health issues are a thing with mesince last year, so all the meds they pumped inmetook a toll on me and more this year to go through again.

TY Soaring Eagle for that recommendation. But anyways I'm just happy to report all is going well and going through life with a smile on my face.

These pics are from this morning.

the Barrellady
03/24/13 02:25:01AM @the-barrellady:

Isn't it great to be weird and not care what others think! Wrap & charm what ever you want, just don't wrap too tight. For beginning knots and early stages, embroidery thread using the criss cross method will still allow your hair to dread at the natural pace. Peace

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