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Sad Day

user image 2013-03-02
By: Poizon Baker
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Instead of me being upset about something stupid I should of paid attention to what I was doing when I was washing my hair and not thinking about it and BAM! conditioner! FLAT! after 12 days no brushing and had a couple of tnr's and even was able to put a few lil beads in and I was loving the way it was looking. now its square one! BREATHE!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
03/02/13 11:38:06PM @soaring-eagle:

dont keep conditioner in the shower
dont keep brushes and combes in the house at all
old habbits are hard to break and u may do things mechanicaly without thining
your used to cinditioning then combing if the conditioners and combs are where they always were your bo]ody may retain that autimaticly reaching for them mindless motion

so..get rid of them
if they arent there u cant accidently uise em

12 days isnt even 2 weeks no big loss

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