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user image 2012-07-21
By: Pixy
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i do believe i am taking my nose ring out..i just really enjoy my nose better without it
myy dreads will be 2 months the 26th of this month..i honestly like have really washed them 4 good times
i did a sea salt wash and have been using baking soda and apple cider to wash me hair..i mean they are coming along pretty well..we counted I HAVE 43 DREADS..makes me happy i still have loose hair and what not

some are trying to split at the roots i was going to either wrap them or really let the do their thing and when they get long enough ill make it into its own dread if its still split

buttt i also have congos at the roots that i want to grow together so i could really use advice on how to wrap them with sayembroidery threads would be helpful!

i rant btw.

a friend said to maybe put some wax on the split roots to help them..i just dont feel toooo down with that?

07/26/12 11:22:10AM @pixy:

that is what they have started to do is congo at the roots some i have planned on wrapping and just like you said with the ones that are splitting i will let them do their thing if they want to be apart then so be it 8:) thank all of you

07/23/12 06:07:18PM @valrie:

With the congos, just let them be once they start to fuse at the root. Wraps and beads help if you want to put 2 together but if they don't need help then don't do anything.

Same with the split roots. If you leave it alone they will either end up growing together over time or they will just start to dread separately... in which case you can rip them apart and make them 2 dreads (which seems like what they want to be anyway.)

Just remember, the hair will do what it wants to do. If you find yourself giving it too much maintenance then you will get overwhelmed and in a lot of instances, the hair will just do what it wants to anyway and you would lose the battle.

Also, go with your gut feelings on the wax issue because wax does absolutely nothing helpful for dreads.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/23/12 05:43:02PM @soaring-eagle:

they are only 2 months congos take longer then that to congo they dont need help they ned time

Baba Fats
07/23/12 05:38:24PM @baba-fats:

Teatree can help mold, but it won't get the wax out. So it would only be a quick fix that you'd just have to use over and over again. The only really way to get wax out is to use a detergent that is tough on grease. Dawn dish soap seems to work best for most people. has a wax remover that seems to work well too. But if you can avoid wax beforehand, that's your best bet.

Let me know how the wrap works out for you. Post some pics

07/23/12 04:51:30PM @pixy:

thats whuts up man yuh i just am really not feeling wax i mean i have heard tea tree oil would help with moldsituations right?

and some are congoin' up nice but some can use a lil help i did learn that wrap you are talking about ill prob try it out

Baba Fats
07/22/12 05:23:22PM @baba-fats:

Don't use wax at all. Was will prevent them from locking up and will retain water which can cause mold.

If you want to let some congo, just don't separate them. If that doesn't work the way you like, you could use someembroiderythread, and make a small wrap. If you leave it like an open, criss-cross patter, that would be better. It'll leave the loose hair with room to move around and keep tangling

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