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By Pixy, 2012-07-21

i do believe i am taking my nose ring out..i just really enjoy my nose better without it
myy dreads will be 2 months the 26th of this month..i honestly like have really washed them 4 good times
i did a sea salt wash and have been using baking soda and apple cider to wash me hair..i mean they are coming along pretty well..we counted I HAVE 43 DREADS..makes me happy i still have loose hair and what not

some are trying to split at the roots i was going to either wrap them or really let the do their thing and when they get long enough ill make it into its own dread if its still split

buttt i also have congos at the roots that i want to grow together so i could really use advice on how to wrap them with sayembroidery threads would be helpful!

i rant btw.

a friend said to maybe put some wax on the split roots to help them..i just dont feel toooo down with that?

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dear folks

By Pixy, 2012-06-08

i am already getting a loopy

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