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By: Pixiebird
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I was wondering what to do about frizz? I honestly don't mind my frizz, but my boss on the other hand is getting used to "my new look." They are baby dreads (TnR). And so far locking up very well. Less than a month old(most of them). Using wooden breads and bs/acv wash. Any ideas?
03/10/13 06:16:27PM @pixiebird:

I'm just going to ignore it. She was excited when I told her I was going to do it, now she's saying she wants to take a brush to my head. lol kidding of course. She'll get used to them. I just washed them today and OH SO frizzy, but they're so soft and smell good!

Diego F.
03/09/13 10:32:39PM @diego-f:

just forget about it. I have a lot of frizz, some settled, some i think that will only settle in a few months... it is annoying, but all you can do is not caring too much about it and let the time do its job

Baba Fats
03/09/13 08:26:30AM @baba-fats:

The frizz will die down in time. If your boss is getting used to them, why do anything? If you really want to be nice to him/her, you could wear a plain black tam to work and just cover them up while you're there. That way, you won't be able to see any frizz. Tams help create some knots, too, but they also cause you to need to separate a bit more often.

But, again, if your boss hasn't made any remarks about your hair, don't worry about it. Legally, they can't tell you to do anything about your hair. And I'm sure they know it. Most places don't want to bring unnecessary law suits against themselves about discrimination

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