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Valentines Day question

By: Pixiebird
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My dreads are going on 3 weeks as of today! ^_^ my hubby surprised me with a gift for Valentines Day - beautiful beads! I have been putting beads in them and I'm wondering if that's okay? I move them around a little bit so they won't grow with the dread. They seem to be keeping my dreads tight.
the Barrellady
02/15/13 02:06:30AM @the-barrellady:

What a wonderful Valentines gift! Beads help in the early stages keeping the hair separated. For washing our dreads, either take them out or just make sure you move them around during the drying process, as they will stay damp underneath. The hair will start to loop and can happen in a day all of a sudden, so check that you can move the bead around & get it off. A loop canl cause the bead to get stuck, then you either have it in forever or smash it off, depending on what it is made with.

A tip for putting on beads, use dental floss and put both ends through bead to form a loop, then put in dread and pull it through the bead. I have found this to be the easiest way.

Happy Dreading, Cheers

Laura Earle
02/14/13 11:41:18PM @laura-earle:

Some people worry about the beads restricting their hair and promoting the growth of mildew/build-up of residue, etc. Personally, I wouldn't be too worried. Just move the beads around on a regular basis and you should be fine. Hope you guys had a good Valentine's Day!

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