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7 months

user image 2012-05-03
By: Piawacket neurotic helms
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My first set of locks were an epic fail whale. My first mistake was not to research a little longer, so I jumped the gun after seeing the dreadheadhq site. yeah, I know a lot of you are tutt-tutting and shaking your head. Used the shampoo and the dread wax, double no no!! In the begining i wasn't too thrilled with the wax it weighed my hair down and left me feeling icking. After the second attempt I gave up and went wax free. Took a good couple of months just to get the 2 uses of wax out. After the horibble sponginess of the wax was gone I decided to try and speed things up like any other newbie yet again adding to the epic fail. My dreads being only roughly 6 inches long and three months old I decide to add extentsions. Being a stylist I did all the work myself, the three days to add 12 inch fake extentsions felt amazing to begin with, All the beuatiful colors, the lentgh I could do anything. But as I stumbled upon the dreadlocksite I realized I was missing out. My locks weren't a part of me like real timely locks were. Mine were heavy, stiff, and lifeless. I'd mised the journey of descovering, loops and knotts and watching as my babies grew and matured. The fake hair was not a part of me, They weren't me. I was fake.Ashamed of my locks I ripped out the extentsions, combed out my dreads and started again. Two days from today, will be my 7 months dreading bypassing my first set of fake6months locs. My journey so farhas had a few bumps, a couple of dirty hippie has been thrown around. But I'm Happy. I feel free to be myself. My locks are every bit a part of me as the air in my lungs, they are my super power to see the world in a new way. Me in a new light. I don't have to be like everyone else always changing trying to keep up with the new fade. More confident, ambivilent, all together Happy.

Piawacket neurotic helms
05/04/12 12:02:51AM @piawacket-neurotic-helms:

yes it as a life lesson all around, if you want something bad enough no matter the wait or the work it's well worth it

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/03/12 11:49:44PM @soaring-eagle:

congratrs and i try to explain that to so many but i guess you dont get it till you get it huh

but hey in the top right below the top ad is a dri[op down menu..2 in fact the left 1 at the very bottom is a dreadheadhq/knottyboy bad products revir=ews page

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