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Help Dreads and School!!!

user image 2012-09-17
By: Piawacket neurotic helms
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A few days ago my three year old told me he wanted his hair like mine. Hearing this made my heart soar. Just thinking about being able to share something so special and natural with my son would be amazing. Later on in the day I shared what my son had told me with my husband, who simply stated that the schools more than likely wouldn't allow him to attend school. With the schools in the U.S. pressing down on how the students hair is to be groomed, cut and styled, down to the color. The realizition hit and makes me sad to think that he may have to wait until he is 18 and completely out of school to even think about dreading. We are not particularily religous with our love for locks, and don't want to submit false pretenses for those that dread for that reason. But are there any ways that he could attend school dreaded?

Baba Fats
09/23/12 12:59:39AM @baba-fats:

If you get that call, check in here first. Eagle or some other members may be able to give you a hand in what to say, or even write up a letter for you to hand out

Shamra Lucky-Rose Chapman
09/22/12 08:21:21PM @shamra-lucky-rose-chapman:

My youngest is now doing the dreads and his hair is just a mess of fuzz and what now. I am always nervous about what they are thinking when I am sending my kid to school with such a fuzz head and looking so messy. I just know if it comes up I will explain the best I can And I know his hair is nice and clean so there is no problem here so far. I am just waiting for the day when some one brings it up to me and wonders what is going on with it. His older brother has short groomed hair so Im sure they know I am not a mother who is neglecting the kids. They also go to a very small school so nothing may ever come up. Just try it out and see if you get the call always worth it even if you have to go to the school and explain what is going on with his little mess head.

Baba Fats
09/17/12 07:39:39AM @baba-fats:

They may try and push the old idea that dreadlocks are dirty and that your son will bring lice or other critters to school.

In reality, lice get into everyone's hair. And they tend to like straight hair more than locks. There've been a few people around the site recently who got lice, but most were from other people bringing them into their home, or camping tents. Not the other way around.

Schools in the US are turning to crap with the whole concept of moving towards Charter schools. But even while they have dress codes, they are still not allowed todiscriminateagainst hair styles. Like Eagle said, their policy would have to be very specific to be legal, and most schools don't go that far because of legal issues they would face. They just try and bully you intosubmission because most people won't fight it. If you want your son to have locks, and he wants them too, just don't be pushed around

Piawacket neurotic helms
09/17/12 01:17:19AM @piawacket-neurotic-helms:

Thank you I'm just curious to know if they truely have any real power over allowing dreadlocks to be banned, and what motions might need to be taken if anything were to arise. My oldest just started school and too has expressed that he wants dreads.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
09/17/12 12:57:52AM @soaring-eagle:

ofcourse he canits descrimination either way and the school wiuld need to have very specifuc policy in writting that also did not vio=late the writes


if the piolicy states

no distracting hairstyles thats not enough it would have to specify drwadlocks

if it said dreadlocks thats not enough as that violates the rights of those eho do dfread religiosly

it would b-=need to specify dreadlocks are not alowed except when they are culturaly or religiosly nesacry and appropriate

or some such wording

the policty would have to be very specifu[ic, inwhat is not allowed as well as make provisions for which cases would make it alowed

in reality very few schools actualy go so far as to ban dreadlocks..for good reason

Tiggum Strixx
09/17/12 12:49:08AM @tiggum-strixx:
Well, it's something like a workplace; as long as its not a distraction, they cannot discriminate.

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