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Back after a long absence

user image 2011-08-01
By: Phatt Ash
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Hey all. I joined the site around a year ago just after beggining a natural dread process, i came across the site when searching how to keep dreads clean. I have not had much access to a computer for a long time so i have been kind of working my way through my dreading journey armed with my baking soda and oils with lots of highs and a fair few lows along the way. a year later and after many thoughts of just cutting them all off i am getting there. the first wash i did pretty much undone any unwashed progress i had made and i began to start again. i realised that spending time in a pool on holiday also generaly hinders any progress that i had made towards the end of last year. although i currently have most of the back and sides of my head pretty well dreaded (although they have plenty of bumps lumps and loops) i am still kinda struggling with the top of my head especially along the front hair line, but i am still as focesed as ever. Anyhoo i just kinda wanted to re-introduce myself to the site and i hope to be here a lil more regularly now adn look forward to getting to know alot of you aswell as asking for some tips and advice. Thanks for listening.

p.s i will try and get some pics up as soon as i get to take a good one as the one on my page is old and pre soda wash.

Phatt Ash
08/01/11 07:12:29PM @phatt-ash:

Thank you very much. really nice to be back.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/01/11 06:57:20PM @soaring-eagle:

good to see ya back

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