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Peter Kim


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Korean Dreadlocks

user image 2012-05-24
By: Peter Kim
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After a year and 9 months of growing out my hair I finally got dreadlocks (the soul purpose of growing out my hair). Went from straight buzz cut to about 12in of hair and now to dreadlocks. I honestly didn't think my hair would good for dreads and was getting kind of worried prior to getting them but a pat on the back for my hair, its holding up very good. The guy used the back combing method, crochetted the loose hairs, the whole process took around 12 hours - _ -. I have read all about wax being bad for your hair, but this one times the only time I plan on using it. Hopefully unlike heroin, using wax only one time won't hurt. I will post more pictures when I find a camera to use.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
Peter Kim
05/24/12 05:15:10PM @peter-kim:

What can I do to remove it?

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/24/12 05:07:44PM @soaring-eagle:

and start the wax removal right away the sooner u get it out the easier it will be

srry but he didnt know a thing about dreading right but its not his fault thers alot of bad info out there

Peter Kim
05/24/12 05:05:56PM @peter-kim:


☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/24/12 05:04:23PM @soaring-eagle:

wasgh and take out the bands dont wait weeks to wash wash 1-3 times a week but take those bands out right away

Peter Kim
05/24/12 05:01:24PM @peter-kim:

Dont wash for a couple weeks, but Im about to head to the ocean to dunk my hair in real fast and dry up my hair so my hair it dries out.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
05/24/12 04:59:07PM @soaring-eagle:

yea just get the wax out completely and ..if hes a freind then tell him why wax and crochet o=is so bad!

once the wax is out and u throw awau =y the crochet hiook they will slowly dread but the crochet will delay progress for about 6 months cause its so tight so stiff that they cant move and knot

it really would have dra=eaded better anjd faster if all u diod was wash and dont comb

what did he recomend as far as washing?

find a blog or sdiscussion called lesson learned wax- not even once

it explains how bad even 1 minumal wax use is

but when the wax is gone and the crochet p]loosens y=up they will recover

Peter Kim
05/24/12 04:57:30PM @peter-kim:

And they are sticking up because of the backcomb method and their rubberbanded at the roots. He used the bare minimal so I think I should be able to get it out. Lets pray...

Peter Kim
05/24/12 04:51:37PM @peter-kim:

Well you see I originally told him I didnt want to use it but he went ahead and did the first one with wax, and he is a nice dude (not a salon) and hes had dreads before so his intentions are very good so I trusted him. I don't plan to get a refund because its a personal guy instead of a salon but I will try my best to get it out. He used a bare minimal of wax so I hope it is ok?? idk thanks for the insight though, im a little bummed cause I knew I shouldnt of done it but I did anyways.

Tara C
05/24/12 04:08:46PM @tara-c:

Wax is bad even if you use it once. Why did you decide to use it just once? I mean, even the people who say wax is good will tell you it's useless if you use it just once, so you might as well have not bothered. I'd advise you to get the wax out, cos if you don't it can stay in there and stop your hair dreading. It doesn't come out easily. Besides that, respect to you for having the patience to grow out your hair and then taking the first step towards dreading. Hopefully others here will give you some good advice :)

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