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Peter Kim


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Been 10 months having locs going 11. Im feeling good, my dreads are maturing surely but slowly. I've decided to take out the from 2 rows from my hair line, so I can discretely have dreadlocks.

Before anyone bashs on me for using wax I KNOW! and truly when I had my dreads first put in, I told my guy not to use wax but since he runs a salon, im guessing to make the "after" pictures look better he didn't listen to me and told me I should wax one. We did wax one and since I loved the look of a dread in my hair I told him to do the rest.... Well 10 months later, I can share my story about wax.

Simple.... DO NOT USE WAX

Even though my "stylist" used minimal amounts of wax, it was enough to make the roots stick together and not matt up... I was noticing that the front dreads didn't mature at the roots at all, I figured it was because of the wax but I was in denial.

Well after taking out a couple of my dreads so far, I have learned that there is wax residue built up with dust, at the root of my dreads.

Its crazy to think that even using wax ONE time will still have a impact on dreads.....

Man I love my dreads but knowing that I used wax even one time was killing me on the inside for I wanted the most natural dreadlocks.



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Need some advice

By Peter Kim, 2012-09-11

Ok so its been 3 and a half months since I last posted so there has been alot of progress since then. Well this is how I feel. Every part of my dreads are growing and matting perfectly fine BESIDES the roots. Its unfortunate that one time using wax (at the beginning) has an effect on my dreads but it did, mentally and physically. I simply do not know what to do. I LOVE having dreads but cant get over the fact that I used wax even one time. I recently bought the Wax B Gone product to get rid of wax but even after using it a couple times the wax buildup in the front of my hair is still there :( Its really not as bad as im making it sound, but I am all about being natural and having done research for a year and 4 months before getting dreads I KNEW I wanted to go all natural but the guy at the salon used wax on the first dread regardless of what I told him and I just said fuck it and kept going.

I need some advice

I love having dreads that I don't want to take them out (oh yea I would take them out and retry in the future)

but I hate the fact that I used wax on the initial process and is facing the consequences from it, plus wax being at the roots im pretty sure is why none of the new growth has been dreaded

At this point I don't know wether to be patient and wait it out or take them out and start over when the times right

as you can kinda see that dread sticking up at the top is sticking up because the base is stiff from initial wax use that it sticks up, even the sides stick out a little because the base is thick.

But dreads are something I will do again in the future....

Dreadlock community the mics all you...

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Korean Dreadlocks

By Peter Kim, 2012-05-24

After a year and 9 months of growing out my hair I finally got dreadlocks (the soul purpose of growing out my hair). Went from straight buzz cut to about 12in of hair and now to dreadlocks. I honestly didn't think my hair would good for dreads and was getting kind of worried prior to getting them but a pat on the back for my hair, its holding up very good. The guy used the back combing method, crochetted the loose hairs, the whole process took around 12 hours - _ -. I have read all about wax being bad for your hair, but this one times the only time I plan on using it. Hopefully unlike heroin, using wax only one time won't hurt. I will post more pictures when I find a camera to use.

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