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Dreadlocks helped me out of bad habbits.

By: Pete
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Hello people, it's Pete here, happier than ever.

It's been nearly 1 month and 3 weeks since i started my Dreadlocks, i have been letting them be after, most of my TnR has fell apart.

I hear daily "Your hair doesn't look like dreadlocks"

"Did you open your dreads"

"Why don't you go to a salon"

"Why don't u remake your dreadlocks"

And everytime i happily answering to every question.

I'm 15 years old, but amazingly, i've gotten away very nicely from my EGO, which i find great.

I've been smoking cigarettes for 1 year or something, not physically addicted , but mentally.

I've never had what it takes to quit.

Here is the point where i must thank you all for being so open minded and so on, it's something to appriciate, this is first community, that sticks together and so on.

After you people told me i have problems with some thing, i fixed them.

Yesterday, i was with two of my friends, they had basicly everything that i wanted, but this time i didn't use any of them.

Alcohol, Cigarettes and last, da herb.

If i would've had smoked da herb i would've wanted to do both alcohol and cigarettes.

I'm really starting to grow as a person.

I know it's been only bit over 2 days that i haven't smoked, but this time i know, i can do it.

And that's thanks to you.

The difference now is that my attitude is good.

Thanks everyone for being you and such

Jah Bless. Pete.

Here are my dreads after drying, in their band.

In this video i said "rubber band" I mean this headband thingy, so don't mind that. I'm only using 1 bead, no rubber bands. :)

01/23/13 09:41:12PM @nixxi:

You. Are. Wonderful. Hang on to that amazing, mature mindset. Stay gold Ponyboy!

the Barrellady
01/22/13 12:56:46AM @the-barrellady:

Pete, you sound like a fine young fellow with a strong mind. Stay clean, stay healthy and stay educated in life. You will go far!

Happy dreading

Ahmed Abdellah
01/20/13 06:49:00PM @ahmed-abdellah:

I did quit smoking after 6 years, I started when I was at your age, and believe me it was the worst thing I did.

I've quitted for 3 months now, good luck with your journey.

01/20/13 02:13:44PM @pete:

Thanks adam, you're very correct. Gave me something to think about.

01/20/13 01:27:19PM @kelly3:

That's it, Pete! Keep striving for a healthier and happier life.

When i started my last set of dreads, I had never even as much as smoked acigarette. But, by the time I cut them, I was a heavy drug user. I'd take anything that was given to me back then, without even thinking of the consequences. Taking cocktails of drugs is terrible for you physically and mentally. About a year after I cut my dreads,Ibegan to wise up to what I was doing with my life and the path I was following. I stopped taking most drugs, even alcohol for a period. But I still smoked week very heavily for years. I quit that shit about a year ago and then 6 months agoIdecided to grow my dreads again.

The point of my story is that the changes you are feeling are coming from you. Not your hair. You always had the strength to stop smoking and drinking, but you didn't push yourself. I'm glad that you feel positive effects from growing dreads, but don't think that it is them that have given you the power. You always had it. Relish the fact that YOU have made the decision to stop and YOU are making the changes that are for the best. Not your hair.

01/20/13 01:08:59PM @pete:

Baba , thanks for really nice comment :)

Baba Fats
01/20/13 12:12:16PM @baba-fats:

That's great. I quit smoking pot when I started my locks. I was studying Rasta at the time, and decided to stop using everything. (I don't practice any religion now, but the idea is there).

Growing locks does help you bring out everything you have bottled up inside. Good for you.

I'm glad you haven't gotten mad or annoyed by people's questions. They have a right to ask and feel how they do. What is important is how you feel and how you react. You seem to be doing a good job with that.

Keep it up

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