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House Concert

By: Peaceful Dread
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I experienced something very cool last night. I was invited to a house concert with Francis Dunnery without having any idea of what a house concert is. But God, it was soo cool. We were like 40 ppl gathering up in someone's house, paying by the door to see this guy, Francis Dunnery, that I never ever heard of before. He apparently used to be a front figure in some progressive rock band in the 80's.Anyway, Francis Dunnery proved to be the greatest of performers, he had the whole crowd under his spell for a hundred minutes, talking and singing for us. We all sang along and laughed ourselves sick listening to his stories. It was the best concert experience I had in years.This guy is doing house concerts all over the world, bookable sometimes via some of his webpages. If you want to share a cool experience with your friends, you should definitely book this guy. He is a blast.
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