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user image 2010-09-12
By: Peaceful Dread
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I think we would lie to ourselves if we did not admit that dreadlocks are heavily connected to identity. I think we all have been going through a process in which we have decided that dreadlocks blend in well with our identity, that dreadlocks fits into our own concept of whom we think we are.If I just briefly scan our community I can see that there are some herb smokers, quite a few mommies calling themselves hippies and a whole lot of ppl that feel they have a strong connection with nature. All that gelled very well with my preconceptions.But, as always, it is not as easy as one thinks. When I dig a bit deeper I suddenly see that there is a whole lot more to it. The herb smokers, hippie mommies and the nature lovers suddenly transform into separate individuals where the one is very different to the other one. And they are not alone, there is a whole lot of other characters dreading their hair, for a million various reasons, having just as many various interests and lifestyles.And when I've realized all this, slightly embarrassed about being narrow minded, I must also start wondering about who I am, what I am here for and why I am having dreadlocks?Where does this dreading grandpa fit into this? I don't smoke herbs, I am not a mommy, neither a hippie and even though I love gardening, I don't really feel that I am one with nature.
Mia Elizabeth
09/12/10 02:47:29PM @mia-elizabeth:
Thanks & i couldn't agree with you more!I know they were intended to make your point :)

Peaceful Dread
09/12/10 02:17:05PM @peaceful-dread:
Mia Elizabeth - Great comment, thanks... in my world we get to know who we are though the eyes of others, in a complex, mutual process, together with how we see ourselves. The ppl around me shape my own image of myself, and I shape their image of me... in an ongoing thing. If we think other ppl's opinion doesn't do anything to us, then I think we are fooling ourselves. =)(And "herb smokers", "hippie moms" and "nature lovers" were just stereotypical examples to make the point.)

Mia Elizabeth
09/12/10 01:54:17PM @mia-elizabeth:
nice reflection. i smoke herb very rarely, am not a mommy(though planning to be in the future), & do appreciate nature and it's beauty. Like you said identity is a never ending progression of self-discovery. Ive come to the conclusion that a are two parts to our identity. 1. being how we see ourselves 2. and how others see us. 2 not being as important to many as 1 still makes up our indetity wether we want to admit it or not.

Peaceful Dread
09/12/10 12:58:10PM @peaceful-dread:
Meg - =) I will only get there if self reflection would not be a continious process... but Im afraid it is a forever ongoing thing... at least in my (hopeless) case. =)

meg ☮
09/12/10 12:49:33PM @meg:
Ah, ok, I understand. I wish you the best of luck :) You're going to get there, definitely.

Peaceful Dread
09/12/10 12:47:52PM @peaceful-dread:
Meg - Thanks.. =) I actually know that already... it is the process of self reflection I am after. Like the one you have concerning religion. You wrote great words about you and religion. =)

meg ☮
09/12/10 12:02:08PM @meg:
That's ok! You are whoever you want to be :)

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