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Soul food

By: Peaceful Dread
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I've been digging today. Digging is a very nice thing to do. Like gym, but the natural way. I was digging with my mother. My mother is old, but she still digs. She does not live here, she lives two hours away. But today we were together for once. Digging together. Making things right in the garden. Making the soil better for the plants to grow in, by mixing it with nutritious stuff she knew about. I had the muscles and the motivation to learn, and my mother had the willpower and the knowledge. She remembered that I used to hate gardening, now I suddenly love it. Strange.So, my dreads were itching today. They were sweaty, under a beanie, in the rain. Now they are washed and happy. My body is sore and I am tired. It's midnight here and I'm going to bed.Life is wonderful.Over and out..
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