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Paul thomas


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
06/06/11 01:46:20PM @soaring-eagle:

why the hell would yu recomend a dread perm? the worse thing u can ever do?

Jana Houžková
08/17/12 05:22:24AM @jana-houkov:
Hi I read somewhere on the forums that you had separated some more mature dreads, you had referred to the method you used to do it being from some chick called knotty, as I can't find her or any method on here I was wondering how you did it. I have one fat dread at the back that wants and needs to be two, if ya can help with some info I would totally appreciate it. Katojaco:)

Faith Hudson
Adrian Keenan
08/17/10 03:08:39AM @fanci-taylor:
hey thanks for the request bra ;) hahalove the locs =]

nicole hernandez
08/02/10 12:18:09AM @tny:
i put up a few new photos. nothing spectacular seeing as how its only been a week.. just starting a timeline album so ppl can come along for the ride. =]

nicole hernandez
07/27/10 07:01:04PM @tny:
Glad to be here mane =]I will for sure be home in early December and maybe I'll be able to make it back here in teh next couple weeks!

alexandre Chapdelaine
05/22/10 05:50:34AM @redflag-ru:
no prob man :) yeah i think 6 gauge is 4mm xD tc m8 ;)

05/03/10 09:02:01PM @via-cosby:
haha i'm not that skilled with wood carving. let's see some pictures then!

05/03/10 10:11:02AM @via-cosby:
impressive i wish i made my own!

04/30/10 09:26:16AM @via-cosby:
thank you :) any tattoos yourself? are those plugs tawapa?

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