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My dread journey

user image 2011-03-18
By: Papaver Somniferum
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So I've been asked by a few how I formed my dreads, I just decided the best way to answer this is in a detailed blog so that anyone who's interested may take a look.

So In late July of 2009 I had researched dreads and was ready, getting impatient in starting them cause I wanted them instantly. I wanted to buy a DHHQ kit but I didn't have a credit card or any money for that matter.

I had heard from somebody that honey helped in starting dreads, so what I did was I started to section my hair out and back comb to my liking, I had nobody to help so I did the best I could. After one night of sleeping with honey in my hair, I decided that it was an unwise method. I rinsed it out the next day. Then I went to a local head shop to see what I could find and I found knotty boy wax stick. It looked like deodorant and was kind of pricey, but from what I read on the sites I needed this stuff in order to form my dreads. so I began to section my hair off and back comb again I did all but the very back (which my sister helped me with later), and then we put rubber bands around the ends of all of them and put wax on them. There's a photo in my slide show of my banded up baby dreadies. About a week passed after that and I was really getting tired of the bands. They made me look funny and I was trying to find a job at the I busted those suckers out quick. Every single one was taken out and my hair looked essentially like normal hair after that and washing it. I decided not to put anymore wax in my hair for a while. Make it kind of an occasional once every few months thing. I attempted to back comb regularly like once or twice a week. But that shit really hurts my arms and since I had no one helping me, I just quit all together. Call it laziness, or just neglect, whatever tickles your fancy. Oh yeah also for the first few months I was told washing dreads was bad and it would unravel them. So I went a loooooong time without washing them. Pretty gross I know. So at this point they were about 6 months old, I was just neglecting and washing with dread shampoo and that's when I noticed a lot of changes going on, they were growing and becoming more uniformed. This made me happy but the loose hairs did not, they made me so mad at first. I hated my loosies and loops I just wanted them gone. Then I researched more about them, and realized that it was okay to have loops and loose hairs so I accepted them and learned to love them for their uniqueness. I then came across another knotty boy product...which was a dread tightening gel. This worked well but it made my hair very brittle. I only applied 3 different times, both spread apart. The only reason I liked it is because it tamed my frizzies and made my dreads look more mature then they actually were. My last application of product was the gel in June of 2010. Thus far I have not put any dread products in. I have dyed my hair 2 times total with chemical dyes in the almost two years I've had them and probably won't dye again for a long time. I no longer use the dread shampoo, instead I make my own wash with baking soda and essential oils and apply apple cider vinegar delude with water.

So that's my dread journey, if you have any questions about anything feel free to ask. My dreads turn 2 on July 26th 2011!!!

With Care,


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