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Dready Revelations from Utah

user image 2010-07-19
By: Panterra Caraway
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So, here I last night in Utah. This trip has been an enlightening one. I have found my own way. I came expecting to feel even more alienated than any other trip, but everything seems to have changed somehow. It started in the airport before I even left. The man who checks the luggage led me through the detector...ofcourse, I was wearing a tam, and given that it was over 100 degrees he said, "We can have a female pat your head covering down if you don't wish to remove it." It was said with alot of respect, so I removed it and this crazy mess emerged (as you can all imagine)...and that was it. Then, in Utah we were greeted with record temps. (some areas 111 deg.!). So, once again, the tam stood out a bit. People were kind out whispering alittle and my daughter explained that I was growing dreadlocks...done! The only lengthy discusssion that I had about the subject was with my daughter's therapist, who I know very well. After I explained my thinking and my reasons (which are spiritual) she said, " I really respect your decisions. I have no knowledge of dreadlocks. I have seen them and wondered what they were about. Wow! Now I think I have a better understanding and that is wonderful!" It made me proud to pass something so life changing on to another person. I want to also say that I have spent alot of time walking back and forth to my daughter's school and I have had a chance to reflect on life and it may sound strange...but I am different. I made this trip only 4 mos. ago and I know that I am not the same person I was. On my walks I have seen lots of horses (which I am usually very afraid of!), but this time I called to them and they came! It was as if we had some kind of shared experience. I felt like they recognized this small, organic growing part of me that is willd and untamed and they felt a connection. They look for me now, and I caress their noses and talk softly to them is as if we have an understanding. Isn't life amazing?
07/12/11 12:25:47PM @exalthimx7:
Remember how you felt here']

Island Mamma
07/20/10 01:01:43AM @island-mamma:
Just what I needed to read tonight. Love your progress and openness P :)

Panterra Caraway
07/20/10 12:56:37AM @panterra-caraway:
I am so glad that you could see where I was coming from. I wanted to share this experience because it was very deep and meaningful for me. One day, my husband told me that I was an animal person...I was surprised because I would never describe myself that way. I have always had a love for creatures and they usually seem drawn to me as well...guess I was surprised because I couldn't imagine not having that love and connection and I take it for granted. Thank you for appreciating my point of view.

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/19/10 08:08:05PM @soaring-eagle:
wow i love this :)nice storyand well ive had my dreads a long time but i can relate i remember being in the badlands as a child and getting scared by a chinchila cause my parents said they were furry but after dreading ive camped 5 feet from rattlesnakes pet wild skunks had a chinchila and a fix and racoons live with mean just overall felt way more connected to nature and feel like i have a real relationship with the wilderness

07/19/10 07:50:26PM @naturalwomyn:
you have an extraordinarily beautiful way of looking at the world and i really enjoyed reading this. Thank You!

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