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Separating locs

user image 2011-10-19
By: Panga
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Hitting about 3.5 months...Just realized today I have tons of little chunks of hair that has been sucked into another dread near by where the roots are. I have decided to let a few of them do their thing since they are small enough, but there are two sections that would be way too big if I let them go. Over the next few days I'm going to be pulling hair out of one, but man! Both those stubborn dreads are tight! There are two chunks of hair basically criss-crossing from one dread root to the other dread. So I have to decide which one is easier to pull from and they are incredibly tight. We'll see if I can pull the hair out and get it back in. I realize now that the main reason this is happening is due to my crappy sectioning. I thought I had let my hair naturally section prior to doing my twist and rip, but nope.

Some of my dreads that I first started are tightly t/r that they actually are starting to feel "rougher" than my other ones, which I don't really enjoy...So I'm hoping maybe baking soda/acv will make those ones a bit softer to the touch...

Yara Blair
08/17/12 12:46:48AM @yara-blair:
I'm having the same problem :/

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