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By: Panga
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AHHHH! (excited squeal)

A co-worker said "I like your dreads" to me today while passing in the hall! That was it, and it made my day. I was super excited! Mainly because this person hasn't been in our branch/office in over 6 months, so this was the first time he had seen me with them. It felt good knowing that they are resembling dreads and to have someone just say that unprovoked. I've had "compliments" from other co-workers but they almost always follow with a "but" this or that could be better. I don't mind the comments, but it just feels good from time to time to have someone say something nice or recognize what I'm doing with my hair without me having to explain it.

Also wanted to note that my daughter (almost 4) doesn't seem to understand brushing Momma's hair is not okay...she has several times recently tried to comb my hair.

And I have discovered that when my hubby doesn't shave his face for a week, the stubble is very much like velcro on my dreads. Bad bad bad!

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