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1 1/2 months

user image 2011-08-25
By: Panga
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Tomorrow makes it 7 weeks! I love my hair so much right now. I look forward everyday to what new things I am going to see my hair doing. My father put it right when he said it's my own way of having more children right away.

I've been washing my dreads roughly about every 4 days now with the same Dr Bronners Lavender soap. I love that it does a great job in making my hair squeaky clean. Sometimes on the 2nd day I'll end up rinsing my hair with water just to feel refreshed.

I did a couple of sea salt sprays but haven't for the past 3 weeks. It does seem to help with the knotting, but eh, I don't want to over do it.

I also have been putting some tea tree oil on my itchy dry spots on my scalp and occasionally use some aloe to tame the frizzies for a few hours (When I have meetings at work I can't look like I put my finger in a light socket) . I have to go through and "tear" apart the roots every other day so they don't congo but otherwise, no maintenance. Not even palm rolling (because it doesn't do a damn thing for mine)

I have had numerous people say some things about dreads though and for the most part, I ignore them or educate them. There are a few people that actually AVOID me now because of my hair. Silly!

08/26/11 11:46:32PM @panga:

Yeah, I know it's ridiculous! People at my work who almost always said hi and asked how things were going don't even make eye contact lol. But only the ones who don't work with me closely. My supervisor actually has been inspired to make one little dread for herself! I love it! It's a very big deal to her which is fantastic! I've also had some people say "when are they going to look cool" or "when are they going to look like stars dreads?" I just tell them probably never look like famous peoples because they are going to be unique and not fake lol

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
08/25/11 11:21:07PM @soaring-eagle:

no pictures?

but isnt it noce that the super shallow avoid u just cause of somethimg so silly?

i mean igff u were mean or evil thats a diferent story but cause of hair?

would they avoid u cause yoir blond or brunette or a redhead?

or cause yu wore the wrong style shoes?

silly ppl

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