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Lies n money dem wahn fe tief from yuh! Me naw succumb to dem tings dem*

user image 2010-07-26
By: owen thompson
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First of all hello n bless to all fellow dreadies! Soooo...Today i had my first experience on how ppl tell you what yuh what u can n cant do, how u shud and shudnt do things...went to a salon in walmart, on a positive note found me some tea tree shampoo ( wich i didnt buy yet waiting on pay day lol) but meanwhile i was there had a lady who works there said the following comments..1) (i dont have nappy but rather curly/wavy hair) you have such nice hair why would you do such a thing? ( in regards to dreadin it)2) (after i told her i was going the natural route n wanted to let my hair jus go) you need to at least come in so i can section and twist ur hair.3) (i said as time goes on i'll seperate my hair as i feel n that ive stopped combing my short hair) money greed tief lady says, well you should wait till it grows out more before you stop combing or else its going to be too hard to manage and will turn out looking horrible, thats the look for cheap lazy people who dont have money to go get their dreads professionally done....Now in my opinion n im sure others agree, theres nothing wrong with people who choose to get their hair done n look neat n proper..thats what my mom did and her dreads look beautiful ive always admired them....BUT!....thats not my choice n i thought to myself WTF make ppl think they have a right to tell YOU what YOU want for YOUR hair and lifestyle.....BLOOODCLOTT PPL DEM!
owen thompson
08/03/10 03:38:22PM @owen-thompson:
hmn yeah very tru statement radha, people always want to control others..good thing i knew the tea tree was there so the 2nd time i went i was jus like im buying this right away n got da heck out before someone opened their pie hole!! lol

08/02/10 07:21:35PM @bill:
jokes man, just the way ppl are and most probably will be for a while yet, not there fault they cant see the error in there ways, they think there doin good.

Radha Das
08/02/10 12:02:21PM @radha-das:
You are great and you are right (very funny too!). I have had to put up with comments and opinions and I don't even care it just makes me more determined to do it. I am caucasion, and you think your hair looks bad! I can't twist mine or anything, I just have to let it do it's own thing. Most people have been nice but I have gotten some stares and laughs directed at me. My friend is black and let hers go natural and they are beautiful now. So it will happen for us. One reason I did it was because I am sick of everything being controlled. We are always being controlled, even our hair, I can't stand it!

owen thompson
07/26/10 05:57:43PM @owen-thompson:
LOL @ mullet city, but yea for those who get their dreads done and think the whole everyday low prices theme is the way to go must not realize you cant put a cheap price to any dread lifestyle!!

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/26/10 05:52:03PM @soaring-eagle:
the sites been found alot with searches like "does walmart sell dread wax" lol so i guess ppl do think they can buy cheap dreads at walmart..but can u imagine the type styles ppl get at a walmart salon? oh wait maybe u dont gotta guess just stroll around the isles..mullet city

owen thompson
07/26/10 05:42:34PM @owen-thompson:
haha yes some walmarts have a salon, ive actually seen quite a few with one there..and who would go there to get their hair done pfff who knows lol..i can see if other ppl like myself go to buy certain products tho..i got kinda curious to see whats there n like i said i saw a big bottle of tea tree for like $28

☮ soaring eagle ॐ
07/26/10 05:35:25PM @soaring-eagle:
walmart has a salon? and they do dreads in a walmart salon? wow.. who in theyre right mind would go to walmart to get dreads? lol

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