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Old man Jenkins


Country: US


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☮ soaring eagle ॐ
04/25/12 04:17:31PM @soaring-eagle:

denise iesha alice shannon
11/06/11 10:37:17PM @cindy-lillemo:

Hello! :) Your dreads are coming along nice <3

denise iesha alice shannon
10/18/11 02:36:47AM @cindy-lillemo:

Your children are so beautiful :)

06/09/11 03:56:26AM @dreaming-wolf:

haha i see...

yes, my hair is a complete mess right now. they're like get shorter and shorter randomly. totally makes people want to comment something stupid, which they think is right. like, "oh you should do crochet so theyll look better" or "why your dreads don't look as nice as those dreadies (crochet-made)?" and so on...

phew... kinda tired to answer each one of them. (o_o")


05/30/11 03:33:46PM @dreaming-wolf:

hahaha, thx for kind words...

yes true indeed, i believe everyone in this forum excited with their journey. like yours, wow... how they changes from the last time i saw the pic... amazing. if i may ask, naturally, do you have straight hair or curly?

Rorin Đan
05/26/11 06:09:24PM @pamela-siam:

love your photos!

Michell Rodriguez
05/25/11 08:17:38PM @dynamite5607:
your locks are looking beautiful!

05/25/11 11:55:26AM @maurice:
yeah lee perrys a fuckin bad man aint he

randi hutchison
05/23/11 04:12:12PM @randi-hutchison:
hello cheekychu thanks for the add

Jasmine H
04/25/11 07:46:17PM @david-escobar:
holaaaa mmm thebandd is a new proyect we are still recording it as you can see we do'nt travel that far because as a independent band is too expensive for us yetmmm the dreads about 3 or 4 yearsmaybe if have a mail adreess i can send you some songs of this band and others taht i work whit ok?i whish you the best and i hope your spirit smileun abrazo y un beso parati ciaaoooo

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