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Ojas Acharya


Location: mumbai, maharashtra
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By Ojas Acharya, 2013-04-07

Wusupp guys... a few lines for every1, hope u guys relate to it....

im a child born from a woman's womb, i cried while i took my first breath in this world....

im scared of death n my last breath now, i value my freedom too...

love makes me smile and my heart laughs out loud, when im hurt i feel sad too...

i need food to eat n water to drink, air to breath and shelter to live... just like you...

peace helps me live and war gives me worries, why should we outpower some1 n why are we in a hurry?

hurry to go ahead, trying to pull the other back to be in the front.. tryin to prove how superior u are n they are not..

is it really important to be better than others? or is it important to be good for urself..?

is it important to win the race? or is it important to try ur best..?

have u learnt anything of substance in ur life? or have u just learnt what was taught?

have u learnt to gain profits or have u learnt to be true?

do u know to just nod ur heads or do u know how to ask questions new?

do u see the light at the end of the tunnel or do u bother about the distance u have to go to get through..?

the sun shines for me as much as it does for everyone,

the moon sparkles my nights even when the stars are few,

the rain brings freshness and sweet smell of the soil,

and the snow makes me shiver just like u...

no land knows no borders, only people do.

im a hindu, im a muslim, im a christian n a jew,

im was an ape, i have evolved... n im now a human too... just like you...

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