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dreadlocks shampoo
Ojas Acharya


Location: mumbai, maharashtra
Country: IN

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9 knotted months
My shoe flower
17 months nattys :)
17 months nattys :)
16 months natural :)
16 months natural :)
16 months natural :)
16 months natural :)
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Over 15 months
Over 15 months
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Sunshine Day Dream
10/15/13 10:04:46AM @sunshine-day-dream:

Thank you for the kind words on my photo! It has been an amazing journey so far!! Your dreads are awesome as well!!

08/19/13 02:18:02AM @space-monster:

thank you very much for your response :) I've been to India twice and I'm definitely going to visit again when I have a chance, so I wanted to make sure this tattoo wouldn't look disturbing. I've done some research about Ganesha but what I found was actually very general information, maybe there is some book about him which could give more details? thanks again and peace to you :)

08/18/13 04:24:24PM @space-monster:

Hi, Ojas, sorry for bothering you but I need some advice from someone born and raised in India and as I have no Indian friends I decided to ask you :) the thing is that I've been thinking of getting a tattoo of Ganesha but I'm worried it might seem offending to Indian people, maybe it's considered irreverent to make tattoos of deities or something like that.. I'm absolutely fascinated with Indian mentality, art and culture and least of all I would want to show disrespect towards Indian people.. so is getting such a tattoo a bad idea or would it be OK?

07/29/13 06:02:34PM @sweet:

Thank you for liking so many of my pictures.

Indie Prasad
06/03/13 02:27:37PM @indie-prasad:

Hello! In response to your question yes I am of Indian origin :) Living in the UK, but both sides of my family are Punjabi.

Nolan Plank
05/30/13 03:08:46PM @nolan-plank:
Hey man do you separate?

the Barrellady
04/24/13 03:15:14PM @the-barrellady:

Greetings to India Ojas, I see you do the baking soda wash, I did also for my first year. I noticed that you only do an occasional ACV rinse. Unless you have extremely oily hair, you should do it after every BS wash. I did not always use it and ended up frying out / drying out my hair which was not noticeable until about the 11 month mark. It was a lot of work and time to get my dreads soft again. The ACV balances back the hairs PH from the baking soda, and of course is a natural conditioner for dreads, just rinse out within a minute. Just though I would share this with you so it does not happen to you. ....Peace and have a fantastic journey, looks like your hair will grow wicked dreads for you.

04/03/13 10:20:18AM @erica3:

Thankyou :)

the Barrellady
03/16/13 03:19:36PM @the-barrellady:

A belated Swaagatam Ojas. Not sure if you know, but you can read members profiles on how they started their journey by clicking on their small icon picture, this takes you right to their home page. :)

Baba Fats
02/20/13 02:08:54PM @baba-fats:


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