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Wash routines

10/16/12 12:50:54AM

I'd love to hear everyones wash routines!!

What kind of diapers do you normally use and what is your wash routine and how often?

Heres ours:

Mostly we have pocket diaper with PUL outside and fleece inside, microfiber inserts, hemp inserts, bamboo inserts and cotton prefolds. I also wash all of our cloth wipes with the diapers.

Wash Routine (ever 2 days)
HE top loading washer
First wash on cold wash/rinse on the bulky setting (so it uses as much water as possible) with a few drops of tea tree oil or a few cups of vinegar.
second wash with a small amount of planet liquid HE detergent on bulky setting on hot wash cold rinse with an extra rinse.

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