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Pre dreading queries

user image 2013-03-31
By: Kuma
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Ok. As I don't have dreads yet I have many questions! I've started washing my hair with bicarb soda to get rid of the conditioner before I dread, and it's turning out quite dry - I assume that adding different oils and things would help with that? Also, as they mature how does the thickness change? I'm going to do the twist and rip method so how much thicker/thinner will the end up compared to what I start with?
the Barrellady
03/31/13 11:55:51PM @the-barrellady:

Welcome to the beginning of your journey

When using the baking soda wash, it should be followed ay an apple cider vinegar rinse. The baking soda can dry/fry out the hair, the ACV balances the hairs PH so this does not happen. Just encase you need the ratio: 1/2 cup BS to 5 cups water...leave in hair 10-20 minutes and rinse out well....mix 1-2 capfuls of ACV to 5 cups water, the pour on head and leave for no more than one minute and rinse well. The ACV is a natural conditioner for dreads. So yes, always use ACV if using BS.

The thickness of your twist & rip dreads will become the thickness of where the section meets the scalp. They will slowly zig zag, loop, shrink to get to that size. Sometime during your first months you will get frizzy, but that is normal, don't worry it does go away. Your T&R will loosen, maybe some will even come completely out, this too is normal, they will start to knot then. It is recommended that you keep the sections 1 inch or smaller, unless you want fat dreads (fatties need more care, they take longer to dry). So where the section meets the scalp, that is the measurement you go by. The T&R sections will not be that thick.

My tip for you is to let your hair section naturally for a couple of weeks, use those sections because that is where you dreads want to be and where your hair wants to section. Just divide any that are larger than you want.

Try not to twist tightly as they DO need to loosen, done too tightly will lengthen the time of your journey. I did a few sections a little too tight and they are not dreading as nicely as the others. Have fun when you decide to start and enjoy your journey.....Peace

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